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Investment projects have different goals, budgets and requirements. Evaluating a development concept, managing the project and controlling the technical content, however, requires very similar values: knowledge, attention, stamina and experience. That is why we rely on the same values in our work.
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Harmonic coexistence with the environment is not a new idea, it has always been important for the individual. But today, technological development also makes it possible to do for our environment by harmonising economic and ecological needs.
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For any construction project you need good foundations. No real estate development can take place without appropriate planning and careful preparation. These activities lay the foundations for the success of an investment project. We ensure that planning is combined with an effective management.
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our clients' feedbacks

The feedback from our clients is a very important point of reference for us. A project ends with the best possible implementation of the tasks we are entrusted with. The entire process, however, ends with processing the feedback and improving our working methods through it. The experience we gain this way always helps us move forward.

reliable. green. responsible.

We are aware of our responsibility to society and our environment. We are committed to act for them every day.

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Our think tank is based on the cohesion of diverse professional experience and personalities.

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certifications & memberships

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    Regulated by RICS
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    BREEAM Licensed Assessor Company
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    ISO 9001, ISO 14001
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    NATO Commercial and Governmential Entity registered
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    "NATO Supplier"
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    Site Security Certificate (TBT)
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    U.S. Government's System for Award Management (SAM) registered
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    Hungarian Chamber of Engineers
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    Hungary Green Building Council
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    Italian Chamber of Commerce in Hungary
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    Hungarian Project Management Association
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    Hungarian Hotel & Restaurant Association
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