Building Sustainability & BREEAM, LEED, WELL Assessment

In Realiscon, sustainability and environmental consciousness are not only services we offer, but also a part of our approach. This approach is present in every consultancy service we offer and plays a particularly important role in making our business decisions as well as leading our lives.
We know it from experience that projects that are implemented in an environmentally sustainable way are profitable for both investors and operators.
In order to effectively support BREEAM and LEED certificate procedures, we keep updating our knowledge by participating in trainings and open programs.

In our work as BREEAM and LEED certifiers, we can use our experience as project managers since the preparation, planning and implementation monitoring of investment projects is a part of our everyday life. Therefore, in sustainability consultancy we can keep the entire process under control and help the procedure by giving relevant suggestions thanks to our insight to specialised fields.

> We coordinate the viewpoints of investors, engineers, operators, contractors and users, and make recommendations for the best certification options on the basis of their cohesion.
> During the entire process, we assume responsibility for the preparation of each and every supporting document, as well as the registration and coordination of the project
> In the design phase, we continuously negotiate with the designer to ensure the highest possible level of certification.
> During the construction, we check if the implementation is in compliance with the design and the environmental protection aspects.
> As a driving force of the certification process, we coordinate the entire procedure.
> Obtaining certification after the completion of the project.
For BREEAM and LEED certifications, it is necessary that you have a certification licence. On top of that, we add our time, resolution, flexibility and detailed insight to ensure an appropriate and successful process.

BREEAM In-Use International (BiU)

BREEAM International New Construction (BREEAM NC)

BREEAM International Refurbishment and Fit-Out (BREEAM RFO)

LEED Building Design and Construction (LEED BD+C)

LEED Operation and Maintenance (LEED O+M)

LEED Interior Design + Construction (LEED ID+C)

LEED Neighborhood Development (LEED ND)

LEED Homes

YOU and ME together for sustainability

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Building certification schemes offer credible information and assistance for the market both for developers, project teams and building occupiers as well. With the help of the holistic approach provided by the certification process we can create real value that ensures sustainable development contributing to reduction of energy, water and pollution arising from emissions while creating a more liveable and healthy environment for users. I believe that not only during our work but also in our private lives we need consciousness, avoidance of wastage and engagement with the biodiversity of our Planet to preserve it for our children for them to be able to experience this colorful world we live in. Switching to circular economy and developing our existing buildings in a sustainable way is not an option anymore, it is an obligation.

Dóra Plájer
BREEAM Assessor

Now when we can experience climate change on our own skin on a daily basis, it is important that we try to shape our built environment in an environmentally friendly and energy efficient way. For this purpose, BREEAM certification provides an international framework to measure the sustainability performance of existing, refurbished or newly constructed buildings. Significant results can be achieved through carefully considered and planned design and construction even without major investment. I therefore believe, it is important that all parties of the building industry processes, being investors, designers, manufacturers, contractors or project managers act responsibly and in an environmentally conscious manner within their means.

Enikő Kluha
BREEAM Assessor

The issue of sustainability has become part of our daily lives. This can even happen unknowingly when we buy vegetables in a store in a decaying bag. However, if you want to quantify your environmental solutions, keep the costs of the project within a financially sustainable framework thanks to professional decision-making work, and provide socially sensitive and supportive opportunities with the result of the investment, then choose a green rating system from the RealisconGreenTeam portfolio. The most well-known LEED Green Building Rating System in the world was founded in the United States, an easy-to-read and applicable rating system in which, as a LEED Building Design + Construction AP, I can help you with your new-built or major renovated building to bring the potential of the project to the surface and reach the highest possible level.

Katalin Józsa

It is very important for us, that the design and construction projects we have been carrying out in the most sustainable way. In the Realiscon team we have the technical skills, project management and green building certification management in one hand, one team. Our team is ready to manage and support LEED, BREEAM and WELL certification methods.

Róbert Kende

The construction processes have a harmful effect on the environment. The carbon footprint of the implementation works and the operation of the buildings is huge. Analyzing the life cycles in the design state of of the projects may help to reduce the negative consequences: it can worth to compare the concept designs and choose the materials careful. In the era of climate change we must put the environmentally friendly aspects first when it comes to a reconstruction or a new property investment.

Zsuzsanna Kocsis
Senior Cost Manager, LCA

Real Estate Development Consultancy

Project Management


Technical Quality Control


Design Management


Due Diligence (TDD, EDD)


Cost Management, Quantity Surveying


Construction Management

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