8th April 2022
Construction process: where the DESIGN IMAGE is converted INTO REALITY
The Grand Hotel Savoy**** reconstruction by the Austrian EST Hotels & Residences is finished.
We jumped in at the middle of an investment process as the project manager and technical supervisor to ensure the smooth and secure finalizing of the reconstruction. Our project management team members were able to capitalize on their earlier experience in hotel development successfully and expand it again.

We closed the implementation after a year. Now it’s time for the Hotel Savoy to open a new chapter in its history which is already more than 100 years long.
Our team faced many challenges during the project with it’s 5000 sqm area in total from the basement to the 7th floor and the 100 rooms.
Beyond the restaurant and conference hall there is wellness zone and a rooftop part also.
We got to coordinate design processes along the implementation phase and be present onsite with many team members permanently.
The downtown location had its own complications because of the limited extensions of the territory also. We were responsible for the coordination of various foreign partners. The Realiscon team executed all these duties with high attention for the client’s demands.
As always, we work to transform challenges into tasks to solve, and tasks into reality.

#complex challenges. simple solutions.

29th March 2022
A new stage of BRILLIANCE
The demolition works are ready on the office levels and the execution team finished the sample areas of the beautiful Krausz Palace.
By this step the future tenants can easily have an insight of the advanced services of this historical monument building. A new sample office and a wet block is available for check the details of the planned refurbishments from now on.
The next task of the project management team is to organize and coordinate the shell & core works.

During this phase the most modern and environmentallyfriendly mechanical services and electric facilities will be installed inside, harmonized with the listed building principles. The historical monument parts of the building e. g. the staircase and gateway will be maintained and renovated in the following stages also. At these sections of the building there are no demolition works of course, the goal is to prevent and present these spectacular features.
28th February 2022
’L’ as LUXURY, means high-class services
We are thrilled to participate in the emblematic urban development project at the district of Kopaszi-gát by #BudaPart.
We are responsible for the project management and technical supervision of the most attractive, luxury quality residential building of this area („BRL” building). Meanwhile all the brand new units in this district are amazingly modern and eye-catching, the unique materials and the direct waterside connection with Lágymányosi-öböl gives a plus tempting character to this piece.

During the preparation process we got the chance to manage the design review and cost management jobs. After all the documentation works were successfully finished and went through all the authorizing procedures, the early stages of field works were running continuously and accurately. Soil-cutting and the ground is ready, the foundation works and the installation of the crane is ongoing currently. Realiscon team is committed to keep this solidity as the Project Manager during the project closing which is planned for summer 2024.
28th January 2022
The reinforced concrete structure of the first unit of Corvin Innovation Campus developed by Futureal is ready now, the 38 meter tall building reached its highest point.
Instead the usual celebration onsite let’s see the results: the execution team of #Pedrano used 15,800 m3 concrete and and 1,463 ton of rebar. This amount of material drew the 9 levels of this giant building – plus 3 floors underground in less than a year. 360+ pieces of concrete test cubes were casted and there were consistency checks at 75+ times.

As the #technical supervisor the #Realiscon team provided the efficient service with raised presence. Meanwhile the second unit is running well also: the underground part is completed with its own 3 levels. The upper floors’ structure could be ready for this summer.
At the first unit the mechanical, electrical and facility works are just started. The shell is waiting for all the exceptional services planned in it!
26th November 2021
GREEN GOALS in Bartók Udvar!
Our next gratifying job is to reach a high level BREEAM certificate in the new wings of Bartók Udvar, Budapest.
This development by Infogroup will provide 24,000 sqm office area beyond the current unit of the building. A particularly conscious space will be created. Bartók Udvar will not use gas utilities at all, at the same time will maintain more than enough (20% of the parking capacity) electric car charging stations, and bicycle storage for a smaller village’s population.
The scene is a perfect multitransport destination as public services are excellent here even.

Another important pack of services will pay extra attention for the accessibility. Thanks to the careful planning the building will be integrated for everyone with disabilities also. The planning section will reach a milestone in this December starting the interim design stage assessment. All these improvements will make it possible to reach the BREEAM International New Construction „very good” level certificate, and we are enthusiastic to be the part of this project.
12th November 2021
Two-legged residents in the CITY TO COME!
A new city park will be created on a 36 hectares area at North-Csepel by the BFK (Budapest Improvement Centre), which will enclose a 2.3 hectares wetland part as well.
This is what we call good news, since these projects are close to our heart and there will be plenty of advantages for the city residentials also. And when we say city residentials, we are thinking on the newly moving ins too! In a wetland area like this we will have good chance to greet particular species as the reed warbler (cserregő nádiposzáta) or the cuckoo (kakukk). We are quite excited to work on their new home.

Together with the s73 Tájépítész Stúdió the Realiscon team will be responsible to design the specific wetland area, to create the rainwater usage plans and to constitute the water-cleaning ecosystem. This is our real dream job, where we can help to set up a place where biodiversity can develop for all of us’ good. We just started to make the survey plans, and we proceed toward the licences and implementation plans. The project will bring rarely positive changes in the quality of life of citizens: this kind of wetland area will be a real green treasure for the city.
29th October 2021
ANOTHER DAY in the office - design project at the lake Balaton!
Our client MÁV (the Hungarian State Railways) awarded Realiscon with the contract of a wetland engineering design project at Balatonkenese which is contained the plans of shelter stones and a temporary stone loader.
Since we are devoted to many kinds of wetland jobs, happily accepted the challenge to work at a particular place like this. In this project we were responsible for the home of residentials as the fire-belled toad, the bluethroat, and the European mudminnow.

First of all, we made a condition survey on this Natura 2000 certificated environment for a full insight, and thanks to this we were able to secure the implementation of technical requirements harmonized with the nature.
The temporary stone loader will provide the possibility to settle the stones to their place to protect the railway embankment at a section where there is no access for road transport. Our goal was to solve this problem with full attention toward the natural values of this environment – which is always the most important and most exciting point of a wetland project.
8th October 2021
Our team proudly looked around at the newly operating Kozmo Luxury Hotel, where Realiscon were responsible for projectmanagement and the technicalsupervision during the development of this new hotel by GCA Architects.
Beyond the 5 star the building got „Leading Hotel of The World” certification first time in Hungary.
This week we had the chance to check the results during a professional tour and see the hotel as an operating unit, gathering senses and sights. Tímea Fazekas Senior Project Manager and Tamás Markovits the Leading Technical Supervisor guided our colleagues through the listed building.

It was operating as a telephone exchange center earlier, the history and the conditions were really particular, but despite all the challenges of a listedbuilding, the service level of the newly developed hotel had to be exceptional.
During this project we were cooperating successfully with the foreign owner, designer and implementation team. We have also gained experience in special authority approvement processes of foreign design, equipment and technologies. All the lessons learned were worth to share with our colleagues.
27th September 2021
BACK to school!
After the months of quarantine students are back again at the campus of CEU in Vienna.
It is our mission to transform the former office centre to an ideal educational unit, and we are just finishing the 3rd phase of the job as the responsible of projectmanagment and costmanagement tasks.
Students will use this building for only a few years, but the services have to be excellent though – all on the 11,400 sqm area.

Beyond the usual community spaces and offices they need perfectly soundproofed, noiseless labs and auditoriums, professional audio-visual possibilities and high-tech devices in the classrooms. Now that we finished the last part which was 4,600 sqm on the 5th and 6th level of the building, the whole unit is ready for the new semester. We gladly see the students getting back to the vivid life. We hope that all the university citizens will have a safe and valuable year here!
15th September 2021
Our colleagues are often choose the alternative solutions when it comes to travel. It is just more amusing when we do it organized together as a challenge.
Since all of us are happily looking forward the smart ways of traffic, it is a great occasion for us to participate actively in the EuropeanMobilityWeek. This event aimed to encourage people to use the sustainable urban mobility systems and devices. The closing day of this week is the well-known CarFreeDay on 22nd September.

For #Realiscon these goals are the part of our everyday life, and the company is supporting the employees to use the smart and community traffic methods. For longer trips of a #team the best option is a common car, but for the individual routes to work or the gym or a meeting there are variable solutions which are all environmental-friendly. Plus point when we leave our routine and flip the trip to an adventure. We are so curious what can we achieve in this field when we see it is a challenge!
1st July 2021
Our designers ON BOARD!
Our designer team lead by László Szalóczy Chief Design engineer is working continuously on the second phase of the infrastructural development of Csepel Szabadkikötő, Budapest.
Geodetic surveys and soil mechanics tests are already done followed by the concept design. Now, we proceed to the following stage developing the permitplans for MAHART (the Hungarian Shipping Company) improving port’s infrastructuralnetwork.
Realiscon had won a public EU procurement tender and awarded with the contract for the design works.

The project embodies the design of utilities and the transitways expansion and contains the reconstruction of the river wall of the petroleum dock also. We are responsible for the development of water, sewerage, fire-waternetwork and rainwater drainage plans. The freight rail and road designing is also part of the scope of works. All of these services are contributing to the worthier future operation of the port at Csepel.
17th June 2021
Aiming HIGH!
This greenfield investment of Ferenczi Holding’s logistics centre is one of the most spectacular projects of our team.
The result will be a new BREEAM-rated industrial complex at Kistarcsa, near to Budapest. After the successful completion of design management and construction tender process we started onsite works in the spring of 2021. This period is undoubtedly memorable for our team since we planted 9 little trees to this area on the International Forest Day in March.

During our days on this job we can observe the growth of the little shrubs on this field from time to time, which is a quite proud feeling. The building reached its highest point since then and we hope our trees will catch up with it once.
Let’s see what is happening until then. Beyond the preparation works our experts also perform the complete project management and technical inspection tasks. The 7200 m2 logistics centre will include 6,500 sqm modern warehouse space and 700 sqm contemporary service area and showroom. As mentioned, these new facilities will also meet the requirements of the BREEAM sustainability standard also.
In the case of our mandate contains the project management and technical supervision, we have the possibility to coordinate and control strictly the different phases and processes. This method provides the most effective cooperation of all the participants of the project.
After the site preparations and foundation works were ready, the roof and the walls, the whole structure have been done in the summer. The following step is the completion of the screed and the insulation of the roof. This very unit will be the space of the logistics hall and its serving areas on 4800 sqm at this phase.
3rd June 2021
Internal refurbishment of the Krausz Palace.
The investor, AEW asset management company set the goal to create a high-quality office complex with a historical atmosphere that also satisfies the needs of its tenants for modern technologies. In a building with such a particular characteristic as in Krausz Palace it is a complicated challenge, but thanks to our experience in BREEAM assessment we have the proper solution for this scenario.

Thanks to our mandate for project management we can be part of the renewal of this unique building throughout the whole process from the technical review to the construction.
One of the most exciting phase of our work was the preparation and coordination of the concept plan. Krausz Palace is a valuable building both historically and architecturally. A listed building was built in 1885 in Andrássy út, a part of UNESCO’s World Heritage site. Several famous artists participated in the construction: Károly Lotz (interior murals), Gyula Donáth and József Róna (facade sculptures) and Luigi Depold (mosaics).
Renovation of a historical monument building is always a special project. The value in the details of Krausz Palace is truly worth the plus effort and attention during the works. Since our team is responsible for the project management we can control and hold together the processes professionally. This provides the consistency of a particular challenge like this. Since technical supervision is also our job, we guarantee the quality of the implementation. At the same time this project is a great occasion to improve our knowledge and methods on this topic.
The facade of the Palace was renovated meeting the art historical standards in 2002. Presently preparing a complete internal refurbishment and modernization process. As more and more office building refurbishment project is committed taking care about the future residents, a high-levelled BREEAM assessment is a must in this case also. Efficient building services and a sustainability-driven architectural approach makes it possible to obtain an Excellent BREEAM Refurbishment rating.
Working on this goal the next step is to open up the interior spaces, but during these processes, we must keep the restrictions of the listed building of course.
After our concept plan had been approved we managed to find an excellent partner for the design exercise. The works are about to start in August 2021, and last until the summer of 2022.
6th May 2021
A great mandate of ours is an educational institution for the Central European University, which will be a temporary campus of their students for a few years, while a whole new campus will be completed in 2025.
In this project our teams are responsible for project management and the cost management as well. Since the client and the place of the implementation is in Vienna also, it is a special quest for our operation.

Meanwhile, the students were away from the university due to the pandemic, the works were going forward. Our job is to create an educational building from a former office environment of 20.000 sqm.
Starting the execution of the third phase in these days means that we needed extra attention to pay about cost management. The material prices are changing as fast as lightning!
We started to work on this exceptional project almost two years ago. With the full coordination of our project management team we have closed two phases successfully already, including the preparation works and tendering processes. We implemented the ideas and goals of the client while we were responsible for the proper cooperation of the participants of the project. Not at the last place, we managed to stay within the planned budget and deadlines tailored by the University. In the last 12 months, we got to handle the coordination under complicated circumstances, but we always found the way.
During the students’ home-schooling year Realiscon team is evolving new methods also to keep in safe but direct contact between Vienna and Budapest with the client and the partners even. Hopefully, the university citizens will be able to seize the campus soon, until then we transform the whole building into a perfect place to research and develop.
16th April 2021
Futureal Group is working on a huge project at a quickly developing area of Budapest and we are really proud to be a part of it.
The Corvin Innovation Campus 1 office center will be a 9 storey unit in the neighbourhood of Corvin promenade which is the new favourite target of the young and lively city residentials. The size of this commitment is matching well with one of the biggest Central-European real estate developers, Futureal.

Our job in this case, is the review of design documentation and the technical supervision and quality control. Our team’s experience in office building development helps quite effectively in these processes to complete the project at the requested standards. The technical supervision team is using the newest methods to follow and control the works. These kinds of digital platforms are providing the transparency of the project toward the client also and make simple the communication.
The execution team is working on the foundation and three underground levels .
Once it will be completed, will offer a total 15,800 sqm Class A office building with smart solutions and sustainable technologies.
It is a pleasure to see this growth!
1st April 2021
The @Equity Point Holding continues its international expansion strategy and opens a new hostel in Budapest.
This Art Nouveau building of King’s Hotel in the Jewish quarter of Budapest downtown is operated as a 3-star hotel. The new operator Equity Point with its up-to-date approach is to transform the function into a hostel.

According to a report, published in January 2017 by Hostelworld Group, the largest online booking platform for hostels, Prague and Budapest ranked sixth and ninth on the list of the world’s most popular cities among hostel tourists. Though the ranking has slightly changed, the 2019’s report still clearly shows Europe’s top position on travellers go-to list. As only a few international brands are operating in the city, Budapest seems to be an attractive opportunity for hostels operators.
Our Technical Due Diligence in 2019 revealed that the building needs a massive renovation. We, together with Equity Point developed the design brief phrasing those essentials that specifies an attractive hostel. Since then, we have been through the conceptual and detailed design management and now we turn into the execution phase. We deliver complex project management & cost management throughout the whole development.
It has been serious work, now, ‘we just need to make it’.
4th February 2021
LUXURY and HISTORY in the heart of Budapest.
We are proud to announce that the new 5 stars luxury hotel, Aurea Ana Palace Hotel has been completed on Akadémia Street.
Aurea Ana isn’t just another 5 stars hotel in Budapest… it is a building that is telling the history of the past. The dream of the investor, Eurostars Hotels was to ensure the full comfort of a luxury hotel while evoking the atmosphere of a historical Budapest building which had hosted often Queen Sissy and Franz Joseph I, the Emperor of Austria, and King of Hungary.

Renovation of the two listed buildings started in February 2018 following the designs of the world-famous Capella Garcia Arquitectura and TÉR4 architects.
We faced real challenges during the implementation of the interior design.
Working in close co-operation with the investor and the contractor, Market Építő Zrt we managed to meet all the challenges and find solutions.
Realiscon as the technical supervisor was responsible to determine and monitor the high quality requirements of the renovation of the existing values.
Congratulations to the whole team and thanks to Ákos Marx MRICS for his great work!
The life of the hotel starts long before the first guest checks in, but the dream comes true when the guests arrive.
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